A Quick Review of Carbonite

online backupCarbonite is an advanced cloud computing back up system intended to be used by anybody with a computer. The basics of cloud computing are pretty simple. The selected data is sent over the internet to another data storage device, the cloud. From there it is generally secure on a data storage server, oftentimes with other copies of the data being sent to another cloud server. The data then is easily accessible over the internet, no matter what happens to the original computer. The security of the data stored on a cloud server is variable, ranging from the easily accessible by hackers to tightly encrypted.

There is, however, a difference between cloud storage and cloud back up. Cloud storage is the practice of selecting specific files for back up one at a time. Free cloud storage services are generally poorly secured and easily accessible to almost anybody willing to run basic hacking software, and as with all cloud storage, these files must be uploaded one at a time. Cloud back up on the other hand serves as a real time transmission of all of a computer’s data sent to a cloud storage server as it happens. Everything on the computer is backed up and saved in the data server. However, these services generally cost money, typically as part of a subscription plan.

Carbonite is a cloud back up system (full review here – http://www.cloudstorageboss.com/carbonite-review/)intended for all kinds of users, from ordinary people all the way up into entire business offices. Because all kinds of accidents can happen to external storage systems such as thumb drives and portable hard drivers, more and more people are switching to cloud back up systems such as Carbonite. For those people who want more than just data security, however, Carbonite offers other services. Prime among these services is genuine virus protection and elimination on the files stored on Carbonite’s clouds. Viruses can infiltrate most other forms of data storage, but Carbonite works hard to ensure that as few of these viruses infect their servers protecting their customers’ data.

Carbonite also encrypts their data using the most advanced encryption systems available on the civilian market. These system is known as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a method of data encryption in use to protect a number of classified files inside the United States government and other nations with data they want to protect. Though the truly high level projects have even more advanced encryption, day to day data encryption is done with AES encryption.

Carbonite’s services are among the most reliable and most reasonably priced in the world. With plans beginning at 59.99 USD for an entire year, more and more people are switching to this reliable, sensibly priced cloud back up system to ensure that accidents do not destroy the data they need to get by in daily life. If you have data too important to lose to spilled coffee or dropped computers, Carbonite cloud back up systems are likely the best option for those who can afford 60 USD a year.


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